I apologise, mea culpa! The last article of this blog is dated back to …a lifetime ago. But it was a VERY intense and busy period for this small startup.


Ode to Italy

4 March 2018



Genesis of the Idea

18 February 2018

Bar table, sunburnt skin, a boy and a girl, beer on the table and the sound of the waves in the background.   “So, let’s think…” “Let’s start from…a primary need.” “Food?!” “Too primary” “Company?” “No, definitely not, our parents would not be proud of us.” “Underwear?!?!?” “EUREKA! (it’s 30 years that I’d like to […]

There’s a question that harasses men of all ages. It has nothing to do with “who’s gonna win the next match”. It’s an earsplitting dilemma that sounds like “Can I wear white socks?”. And, if the answer is yes, when can I wear them? When, on the other side, is it better to leave them […]