Genesis of the Idea

Bar table, sunburnt skin, a boy and a girl, beer on the table and the sound of the waves in the background.


"So, let’s think..."

"Let's start from…a primary need."


"Too primary"


"No, definitely not, our parents would not be proud of us."


"EUREKA! (it’s 30 years that I’d like to use this word!). Everyone, or almost everyone, does use underwear!!!"

"Slip, thong, bra, push up, size 32B, 34B, 34C… Well, ok, let's change gender."

"Boxer or slip? Easy: gone for the man underwear."

"And socks as well? Don’t forget the socks! Such a daily drama finding the couple!"

"Ok, ok, here we are...we choose a pair of underwear and a pair of socks, we put them in a surprise box and send them directly…AT HOME!"

"Or to the office."

"Or to the office, wherever."

"... and if I want to give them as a gift?"

"Alright, gone for the gift idea! But let's add the possibility to include a private text message."

"Yes, perfect. How often shall I give you a present?"

"Every month?"

"Don’t go too far... is it for you?!?! If you deserve it, yes, otherwise every two months."




"Ok. And what about every three months?"

"Good idea."

"But I was joking... every three months it doesn’t sound enough..."

"Well, we give the possibility to choose the frequency. Anyway, back to us, would you prefer something like a little untraditional or more classic?"

"I would say a little colorful, but if I had to give it to my father… well, I would choose something more classic."

"So let’s create two moods, work and play, one more classic and one more colorful."

"How can we call them? Serious and colored?"

"I would say no, it sounds really bad! Ok, now we understand who the creative soul of the duo is! And how do we call it?"

"Underwear in a box."

"Ok, you had only one chance and you lost it. We call it... W.i.m.u. – where is my underwear?"

"Ok, I give up."

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