How great can be Italy, its persons and our special "Made in Italy"

made in italy


We are strange people, here in Italy; sometimes a little stubborn but with a determination and a capacity to solve problems, out of the ordinary.

Our primary resource is the Family, in which the strength lies. The family company has always been the engine of our economy. Our ability to create, respecting the hierarchy dictated by capacity, by knowledge acquired over time and why not, a few years more.

The ability to find occasions to celebrate, sitting at a table and of course at the table we will talk about.. food!

Some time ago, I heard on the radio a speech, written by an Italian who moved abroad, talking about our people, with sweet nostalgia; I report an excerpts:

"No, you don’t live better in Italy than in the United States. However I still choose Italy. Why? Because life is more important than money. Because I can go into a bar, chat with a bartender I do not even know and take my time, because life is a theater and, contrary to what happens with the Nordic and Anglo-Saxon peoples, it doesn’t have to be always taken seriously. Action corresponds to being. Because even in the worst tragedy, we always find something fun. Because if I have to insult you, I can choose from a series of curses and evil words that no American can even imagine or conceive. Because Italy is my country and it’s the home of a group of races and people. Because we know that it's not so much important what you do, but how you do it. Style is at least as important as the results. Except in football. Because when I go to a country restaurant, even though there isn’t a menu to choose from, I always eat what the old cook decides, without ever asking for anything different. Why should I? It's all so good! Because we don’t make Alfredo Fettuccine, I don’t even know who Alfredo is, but if I meet him, believe me, I have a couple of things to tell him. Because coffee is coffee, not espresso. Any other coffee is wrong, that’s it. Because the Cornetto is not a croissant, but way way better. Because, just like our trains, we are never punctual, always a bit 'broken, but somehow we always arrive to destination ".

(Gennaro Senatore su Quora)


So we are Italian, we have a number of limits that would take us to search for a new place to stay away from home, looking for a promised land; we did it several times in history, sometimes from south to north of Italy, some other times across the Alps or overseas.

But I do love our limits, I already know them and the awareness is a step towards improvement.

We'll see what is going to happen soon. Elections in progress, shhhhh!!!

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