WIMU on GQ Britain

I apologise, mea culpa!

The last article of this blog is dated back to …a lifetime ago.

But it was a VERY intense and busy period for this small startup.

And here I want to share with you one of these BIG news.

WIMU has been selected by the editorial staff of GQ Britain to appear on the fashion column titled “THE FASHION COLLECTION”!!!!!

Hence You will find us from June to September both on the printed and digital version of the British magazine.

Below you can find the screenshot of the July issue, and here the link: (this is a monthly publication so you should have already bought the edition…)

But that’s not all, folks… GQ UK, together with its monthly edition, is offering on its website a shopping guide in which they propose some shopping ideas and … we have been selected to appear also on this column !!!

Here we are on the “The style collection”


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