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wimu how it works


wimu how it works

There’s the left sock, tired of your mess.
The right one, that has always been a rebel.
The red boxer shorts, which you bought for New Years’ Eve and that now are ashamed of you.

There are the black ones, that lost their athletic, tight figure.
There are the pink ones, although you don’t like pink but, hey, your girlfriend does.
And then, there’s you.
In front of the last spin cycle, socks orphan and colonel of an army of loose underwear, you have a single question in your mind.
Where is my underwear?
Easy: we’ve got it!

We didn’t whipped up your socks into rebellion, nor we have hindered your mother/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife into buying you another stock of ugly boxers by the pound.
However, we know how to fill your drawers.
By subscribing to “W.I.M.U. – Where is my UNDERWEAR?”, you’ll get an underwear surprise box each month.
Yes, you read that right: a surprise box.

Every month, you’ll get a treat with a different pair of underwear and socks.
No worries: it doesn’t mean we’ll fill your drawer up with pink socks. According to the style you’ll choose, you’ll get the underwear that best
mirrors your look and personality.
And, if you want further details or suggestions about how W.I.M.U. works, you can contact us at: !

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